There is so much variety when it comes to WordPress themes. Picking one to use for your business can turn into a very hard decision. Especially when there are lots available for free but also so many paid options out there.

When I was searching for a WordPress theme for my business (before I decided to start building my own sites!). I investigated lots and although there is a good amount of free themes out there, I would recommend investing in a premium theme. They often come with lots more features and customisation options.

Choosing a WordPress theme can be a tough decision, here are 3 Things to Consider When Picking a WordPress Theme #wordpress #wordpresstheme #websitetips #websitedesign

3 Things to Consider When Picking a WordPress Theme

Always make sure that the WordPress theme you are thinking of using, will fit your business needs before committing to one.

Here are some important things to check:


Many theme developers have documentation freely available to check out. It is important to make sure it is really well documented and updated because this is the information that you will be referring to lots when creating and setting up your own site with the theme.


Does the theme developer have any tutorials available with the website (Bluchic Themes does this really really well)? If there are none available make sure there is good access to documentation.


Read reviews about what others have to say, do a search on Facebook or ask in business Facebook groups. Getting reviews from others that have actually used the theme is a great way to get a feel for customer service and any assistance with troubleshooting.

Two themes that I have used and have had a great experience with their customer service and documentation are Bluchic Themes  & GeneratePress. They both get really good reviews everywhere I have searched. The great thing about the GeneratePress theme is that you can use it for free on your WordPress site.

Now if the idea of searching and setting all this up is too overwhelming why not check out my web design packages and let me do the hard work for you.

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