Help deciding on your website WordPress or Squarespace

Create a Squarespace Instagram Landing Page

I am going to share today how you can create an Instagram Landing Page in Squarespace. Did you know that every Squarespace site comes with a Cover Page feature? The cover page is often used for Coming Soon and landing pages. Create a Squarespace Instagram Landing Page as a Linktree alternative. Create a Squarespace Instagram

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Tips for Setting up Your WordPress Site, get help setting up your WordPress site

Tips for Setting up Your WordPress Site

So, you want to set up a website but don’t know where to start, I share some tips for setting up your WordPress site. There is so much information on the internet I know how overwhelming it can get. I will explain the process of setting up your own self hosted WordPress Site. There are

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Gravit Designer, free online design tool, online tools for business

Gravit Designer a Great Alternative to Canva

A few months ago I discovered Gravit Designer when I decided to reduce the number of subscription services I was using. This meant I cancelled my paid Canva & Adobe subscriptions, as I was not using them enough to justify the monthly cost. It did mean I had to get creative and find some alternatives

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3 Things to Consider When Picking a WordPress Theme #webdesigner

3 Things to Consider When Picking a WordPress Theme

There is so much variety when it comes to WordPress themes. Picking one to use for your business can turn into a very hard decision. Especially when there are lots available for free but also so many paid options out there. When I was searching for a WordPress theme for my business (before I decided

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Virtual Assistant Carolina Roberts

Hi, I’m Carolina! 

I help small businesses establish an online presence by creating fully functional, mobile-friendly websites.

I know that managing a business is hard work and the technical aspects can be extremely time consuming – and this is where I come in. I will help you get your site up and running and save you a lot of time, money and stress!