3 Must-Have WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress website you are aware that there are hundreds of plugins that can be installed on your site. Anything that you might need on your site, there is more than likely a plugin that can do it – I share a WordPress plugin for social media, one for backing up your … Read more

Squarespace or WordPress?

Help deciding on your website WordPress or Squarespace

Squarespace or WordPress, that is the question? There is so much information out there about which platform is better and why. As someone who’s used both, I can honestly say that I love the both of them! However, choosing one over the other really comes down to what is going to work best for you … Read more

How Meal Prepping Has Given Me Time Back

meal prep blog

We all know that everyone has incredibly busy lives. One of the things I re-introduced this year at my household was meal prepping – one it makes dinner time so quick and easy no more worrying about what to cook last minute! One of the big pluses is you will end up saving money because … Read more

3 Tips to Stay Organised

Tips to stay organised

Being a mum of two, working part time along with running my VA business, I need to make sure that I am always organised and can fit everything in for the week. This includes dropping off and picking up the kids from school and daycare, after school sports and any appointments as well as putting … Read more

2018 Free Printable Calendar

2018 Calendar

Last year I created a printable calendar to help me keep a track of my deadlines, I know I am a little late this year seeing as we are now three months into the 2018! but hey its the 1st of March and I say its never too late to start getting organised. 2018 Free … Read more

How To Create a Squarespace Landing Page

All Squarespace websites come with a really cool and extra feature called a “Cover Page“, which can be used in a variety of ways including: A coming soon page – which can be turned on when you are building your new website or making major updates your existing site, they even have their own set … Read more

6 Business Tools That are Completely Free

Free Business Tools

There are a so many great business tool resources available, all of which are totally free – can you believe it! I use many of these applications on a daily basis in my business, as a busy Virtual Assistant. These tools help me to stay organised, keep me on track of work, deadlines and my … Read more