You no longer need this hack to update your Instagram highlight cover – you can do it directly from your phone photo album when you edit the cover – read my latest blog “Upload Instagram Highlight Covers Direct From Your Phone Photo Album” with step by step tutorial on how to do it.

Instagram highlight covers are used on an Instagram business page. The feature is normally used to highlight different areas of your business. On my own Instagram, I highlight client reviews, web design, new blogs & tips.  If you don’t have it on your profile yet, you will have to be patient as it is still being rolled out to all accounts.

I am sure we have all experienced having to view a business page that you follow updating their covers. It normally involves a branded colour photo with an icon and you have to click past about four of them. Well, I have a little trick that allows me to chop and change them as many times as I like without having to send it to all my followers!

How to create Instagram highlight covers without spamming your followers. #instagramtips #socialmedia #instagram

Create Instagram Highlight Covers Without Spamming Your Followers

The first step is to create your highlight covers, there are lots of tutorials out there check out Pinterest for lots of step-by-step tutorials. I have previously created mine on Word with the Webdings font and most recently used Canva.

Now for the super important easy part go to your profile and create a group of close friends list. Add only yourself, partner or someone who won’t mind getting the cover stories.

Once your group is created upload your image as normal to your stories. Make sure to send the image to your close friends list only and you are done. Now add that photo to your highlights and set it as the cover and you are done.

A few things to remember:

• This only works for the covers! You are not able to add a whole lot of stories sent to the close friends’ list and then add to your highlights. If you do this it means only the people on your close friends’ list will be able to view it

• If your highlight has no content and only your highlight cover it will not appear in your profile. It will appear once you add highlights that have been sent to everyone

So if you were wanting to test out different colours, icons or text this is the perfect way to do it without having to bother all your followers 😊

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