Instructions for a DIY KMart Wall Planner

I recently shared a post on a Facebook group about my office makeover, it was actually only posted to showcase the setup and decor I never imagined the response to the Wall Planner. I set out to create a space which was comfortable, motivating & beautiful. I managed to achieve all this on a cost-efficient budget. My go to places were Kmart & Ikea. I have made it super easy for you to create your own, supplying the template and step by step instructions here on how to create your very own Wall planner!

DIY Wall Planner

Instructions for a DIY Wall Planner

While designing my little space I decided I wanted a really big wall planner, but couldn’t find one so I ventured down the DIY path. I never expected people to even notice the wall planner, so I was blown away with the number of requests and questions I received around it!

Wall Planner Home Office Setup

So, if you are interested here are the details and link to the template, its super easy to make too.

Firstly, I bought the 60 x 90 cm Kmart photo frame, this portrait template is made to fit to this size.  I had the document printed at my local Officeworks, I am sure any printing company can help.

I then placed it into the photo frame and hubby mounted it up on my wall and just like that, I had a monstrous size planner. I will mention though that the whiteboard markers on the Perspex do not come off as easily as I would like (glass may work better) and almost stains the plastic. I have instead been bluetacking my month, dates & notes and it still fulfils the purpose of keeping me organised!

I have made these available without the need to sign up to anything, but I do ask if you make your own please be sure to share and tag me on Instagram @askcarolinaroberts or drop me a comment. If you are after a more personalised touch please get in contact.

Go get creative guys!

Click Here to Download Template

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