Have you ever found yourself loving a page or post you have created on your WordPress website and wanting to quickly duplicate it?

Well, there is a great WordPress plugin called Yoast Duplicate Post, this plugin comes from the creators of the Yoast SEO plugin (a great SEO plugin you should also have on your website!).

How to Quickly Duplicate Posts and Pages on WordPress Websites

A quick breakdown of what posts and pages are:

Posts – Posts are all your blog articles and will be listed on your blog page in reverse chronological order, they can be tagged and categorized

Pages – Pages are generally the informational pages that make up your website, for example your about page, contact page, services page

The Yoast Duplicate plugin is a great tool when you have spent lots of time researching the perfect tags and categories for your blog along with the perfect design and want to duplicate it for a future blog post. You can use the plugin to quickly duplicate the post and it copies all the data across as a new draft post – you will however have to update things like the title and content but it will use all the same tags, categories and design aspects and setup so you do not have to recreate it from scratch. This should help speed up your workflow, especially if you plan to have a set design for all your blogs.

The same goes for pages across your WordPress website these can be easily duplicated into new draft pages – no more manual copy and paste!

In a few simple steps you can have this feature added to your website with the following instructions.

Step 1.

To use the plugin, go to plugin > add new plugin > search “Yoast Duplicate” and install

Step 2.

Activate the plugin, you will now notice when you head to your pages or posts you will have a clone option.

Step 3.

Select clone and it will create an exact duplicate of the page or post as a draft

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