A few months ago I discovered Gravit Designer when I decided to reduce the number of subscription services I was using. This meant I cancelled my paid Canva & Adobe subscriptions, as I was not using them enough to justify the monthly cost. It did mean I had to get creative and find some alternatives and workarounds for creating graphics for my social media platforms and websites.

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Gravit Designer a Great Alternative to Canva

Whilst searching on the net I came across an online platform called Gravit Designer, this free tool can be used online or you can download the application to your PC. I found it incredibly versatile it does take a little while to get used to the dashboard system and exporting elements and graphics. The learning curve is well worth it, as for a free application it has some amazing features.

It has some of the following features:

Ability to download images as a transparent PNG

This was one of the big wins for me, as this feature is only available on the paid version of Canva. This has meant I have been able to make icons and graphics in Gravit and download it with that clear background.


There is actually a library of templates that you can access which includes Pinterest posts, Facebook & Instagram posts, phone size images, website headers it even has an infinite canvas so you can make your designs and creations as big as you like.

Vector Graphics

If you were a branding designer this would not cut it. However, if you need to create an icon for yourself you could do this and download the file as a vector graphic which means the image can be enlarged without losing any picture quality.

So, as you can see there is a long list of great features and is worthwhile investing a little time to learn especially if you are on a tight budget.  If you need help setting up or using the program please get in contact.

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