We all know that everyone has incredibly busy lives. One of the things I re-introduced this year at my household was meal prepping – one it makes dinner time so quick and easy no more worrying about what to cook last minute! One of the big pluses is you will end up saving money because you have to plan what you are going to cook you only buy what you need and reduced our takeaway nights.

How Meal Prepping has Given me Time Back to Focus on my VA business

How Meal Prepping Has Given Me Time Back

Meal prepping has allowed me to gain a few extra hours a week, which means I use this valuable time to focus on my business.

My three tips to get for making meal prep work:

  1. Do not make the same thing every week you will get bored really quickly, change it up you can find lots of inspiration on Pinterest. Sometimes I even order some Youfoodz meal to bring a little extra variety.
  2. I buy frozen vegetables which are already chopped to reduce the preparation time, although I do buy all fresh veggies for my salads.
  3. Go in with a plan, decide on your recipes and food for the week and make sure you have lots of space in your freezer.

Imagine what you could achieve with a few extra hours in your week? I have created a little weekly meal planner to get you started.

Remember if you need any personalised templates created please get in contact.

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