This week I dedicated a couple of hours to clear my inbox. It was full of about 300 – 400 emails that were just sitting there. I was finding it difficult to find emails and details amongst the massive amount of emails. Many were just sitting in there because I had not bothered to delete them, so I decided it was time to start practising the organisation I like to do for others!

How to organise & clear your email inbox to get you working better

How to Organise & Clear your Email Inbox

Now the reasons that I like filing and sorting everything is that I use my inbox as a sort of running to-do list. Anything that is left in there is because I need to action or do something with.

Here are my tips for getting yours sorted:

1. Unsubscribe, unsubscribe and unsubscribe

We have all been guilty of subscribing to receive that intriguing freebie offer and then added to the mailing list. I am subscribed to lots and there are many that I love reading, but there are others that I don’t even look at. If you aren’t reading them then what is the point of having them in your inbox, by unsubscribing you are making it easier to read content that you are truly interested in.

2. Setup Folders

I have folders set up (Gmail likes to call them labels) for all my clients, bills, receipts, newsletters etc. Once I have read the information or completed a task they are filed into the folders. I only keep information that I know I will refer to later, if I will never look at it again it goes in the trash.

3. Set up Rules

If you receive confirmation payment emails like me from PayPal for all the purchases you make online! I have now set up a rule that moves them directly to my receipt folder so they are not clogging my inbox. Same goes for particular newsletters that I want to read later but don’t want sitting in my inbox.

I hope these few tips give you the little push to start organising that inbox. Now get to sorting even if it involves going through and deleting things you don’t need. 😊

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