Did you know that you can access Google forms which is completely free? All you need to do is set up a google account here – which is quick and easy to do. Recently at my office job, I discovered they were paying for a service to send out really basic surveys (only one a year!). We cancelled the membership and I created a free Survey via Google forms.

How to Use Google Forms for Surveys, Registrations & Quizzes Tutorial

Use Google Forms for Surveys, Registrations & Quizzes

It is a great tool if you would like to send out a survey for your business, you want to take registrations for a free event, gather simple client information with a form or even create a quiz! You can add your own logo in the header area, add questions with long & short answers, multiple choice and add photos. There is even a gallery with pre-designed templates to make it easier to set up. All the information is collated in real time and put into graphs. You can then export the information to google sheets or excel if you want to manipulate the data even further.

View the video below to watch a tutorial on how to create one:


Colour Pallete

The colour palette option does allow you to edit the colours, but you are limited to the 15 colours that Google has made available. It does another little annoying thing when you upload your own header image it bypasses your colour choice. It selects a colour based on your image header and can change everytime you upload the same picture. My suggestion here is to go with a neutral coloured photograph or only use a white background with your logo.

Canva Size

You can create your own personalised header banner in Canva. The measurements that worked best for me were 1920 x 484 px.

I am interested in hearing of any other tutorials that you may find useful, drop me an email or leave me a comment with any suggestions.

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