How To Easily Back Up Your WordPress Website

Pineapple House WordPress Custom Web Design

It is essential if you have a WordPress Website to make a backup – in fact, any type of website should have a backup. It’s a safeguard in case the worst happens to your site – imagine you are hacked, a plugin update breaks your site or you accidentally delete something! Having the backup gives … Read more

Tips for Setting up Your WordPress Site

Tips for Setting up Your WordPress Site, get help setting up your WordPress site

So, you want to set up a website but don’t know where to start, I share some tips for setting up your WordPress site. There is so much information on the internet I know how overwhelming it can get. I will explain the process of setting up your own self hosted WordPress Site. There are … Read more

Gravit Designer a Great Alternative to Canva

Gravit Designer, free online design tool, online tools for business

A few months ago I discovered Gravit Designer when I decided to reduce the number of subscription services I was using. This meant I cancelled my paid Canva & Adobe subscriptions, as I was not using them enough to justify the monthly cost. It did mean I had to get creative and find some alternatives … Read more

How to Organise & Clear your Email Inbox

How to Organise & Clear your Inbox

This week I dedicated a couple of hours to clear my inbox. It was full of about 300 – 400 emails that were just sitting there. I was finding it difficult to find emails and details amongst the massive amount of emails. Many were just sitting in there because I had not bothered to delete … Read more

How To Get the Perfect Instagram Image Size

How to get the right Instagram Image Size

Instagram is a very visual tool, a feed with beautiful images is always going to be eye-catching. A while ago Instagram introduced the option to upload landscape & portrait pictures from your phone which is awesome for panoramic photography style shots. It is not so great for pictures where there is text involved. How To … Read more