So, you want to set up a website but don’t know where to start, I share some tips for setting up your WordPress site. There is so much information on the internet I know how overwhelming it can get. I will explain the process of setting up your own self hosted WordPress Site.

Tips for Setting up Your WordPress Site.  So, you want to set up a website but don’t know where to start, I share some tips for setting up your WordPress site.

There are a few things that need to be sorted before you install and start updating your WordPress site these include:


The domain is the address of your website and normally includes your business name so my address is The domain is what directs people to your website. There are lots of companies online that you can purchase your domain from in my case I used Crazy Domains and have directed the domain to my hosting service. Some companies will do both hosting and domain.


When you use a self-hosted WordPress site you need to arrange hosting. Your hosting service will hold all of your site information all the pictures, blogs, about sections, etc. There are lots of very good and great priced hosting plans I have used Bluehost to host my site and they have instant chat they have always been very helpful whenever I have had questions.

When you are looking at hosting make sure to check if their plans have one-click install for WordPress. One important thing to check is included with your hosting service is an SSL certificate.

Connecting Hosting & Domain

Once you have both of these setups you will need to connect them both, this involves adding the name servers of your hosting service to your Domain DNS settings. Most hosting services will provide instructions on how to do this in your domain settings.

Install WordPress

As mentioned before make sure you have a one-click install of WordPress on your hosting service. This will mean that you login to your CPanel and all you need to do is click install WordPress and there you go!

Choose a Theme

The last part of this could be your first step is to pick choose a theme. There are various free themes available to use you need to make sure that you really research the theme offerings. Check reviews, the documentation provided by the developer and customer service.  I have used both Bluchic Themes and GeneratePress and can say they both have great documentation, tutorials and customer service which is one of the reasons I choose to use their products.

Now I know that this techy stuff is not for everyone, if the thought of this all is too overwhelming why not contact me to see if I can get your site up and running. I have a few different packages and options available. Send me an email or schedule a call via the contact page.

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